Logical Progression

a space to place new steps of change

Reboot Camp

So, the hiatus? A couple of reasons really. A new project at work, and although with an awesome team on a great product, it has meant a few more hours in the office than is ideal. But I also lost the love for my side projects at the same time. I’ll try to explain. I dived into React 16 a little while ago, and super keen to try it out on something more interesting than small tutorial-type challenges, I started another side project.

Parse the Stuffing

My development learning journey (which has just seen its 1st anniversary) began with looking for a way to solve problems. I generally followed a certain method thinking it was the only way, or the best way. It rarely was, of course. But I’m finally, now, looking for a better way to solve problems. The big things that helped me see this were collaboration and community. Spending time with our Developing Developers community really highlights how many different ways there are to do things, and how many different styles of programming people have.