Logical Progression

a space to place new steps of change

Retro Board

A React workflow board web app with Redux and HTML drag and drop. The code for the Retro Board app can be found at https://github.com/mattTea/RetroBoard

Tiny Gigs

A simple React web app for live music and theatre in small London venues. The live TinyGigs app can be found at http://tinygigs.matttea.com/ The code is at https://github.com/mattTea/TinyGigs

The Art of Flânerie

I talk a lot about flexible and multi-skilled teams, but rarely in my current role do I get let loose in one any more. Knowing I need more exposure in these teams I got along to couple of events recently for that exact purpose. A hackathon (my first), turned out to be a pretty intense experience. I won’t lie, I was definitely the odd one out (not being a developer, not working at a start-up, not having a mac covered in stickers…); and the value I brought was thoroughly exhausted 20 mins into the day (if I’m being kind), but I learnt a load.