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Tacit Knowledge Series: 3. Calm Context Switching

The Tacit Knowledge Series aims to understand expert engineers' approaches and how they reached their judgements in a number of day-to-day situations. The inspiration for this article came from seeing the ease with which some of my engineering idols switch, not just from context to context, but from deep detail in one context, to high-level, big picture views in different contexts. Scenario There is not really a single scenario I can pick for this from my friendly engineering experts, as it happens multiple times per day.

The Joy of People Management

We can certainly be forgiven for fearing the worst and focusing on the negatives right now - a global pandemic that shows no signs of disappearing, Brexit just around the corner, and strategic reviews all around us at work - but being, or becoming a people manager shouldn’t be one of them. So, with all the change going on right now I’d like to share a few, maybe less obvious reasons why people management has been an overwhelmingly positive experience throughout my career.