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The Picture of Disguised BAs

“The aim of life is self-development. To realise one’s nature perfectly.” Quoth Oscar Wilde’s decadent libertine, Lord Henry Wotton. And Harry’s onto something here. Taking his comment to its obvious natural conclusion in describing 21st century tech skills, “one’s nature” probably doesn’t sit perfectly within a generic job description. And if it does, it probably won’t stay there for long. Disappointed again by a visiting company’s product team telling me “we don’t have BAs” as if it’s the silver bullet to delivery throughput perfection, I’m reminded why I feel so strongly about skills over job titles.

The Art of Flânerie

I talk a lot about flexible and multi-skilled teams, but rarely in my current role do I get let loose in one any more. Knowing I need more exposure in these teams I got along to couple of events recently for that exact purpose. A hackathon (my first), turned out to be a pretty intense experience. I won’t lie, I was definitely the odd one out (not being a developer, not working at a start-up, not having a mac covered in stickers…); and the value I brought was thoroughly exhausted 20 mins into the day (if I’m being kind), but I learnt a load.