Logical Progression

a space to place new steps of change

Adding a Custom Domain to a GitLab Pages Site

My logical-progression blog site is built using the Hugo static site generator and is hosted on GitLab Pages. With GitLab Pages custom domains are possible, and I was keen to use the logical-progression alias. Initially, however, I couldn’t remember who my DNS host was! A problem, as resource records need to be added there to enable the alias. The problem was based on the fact that… The matttea.com domain was purchased via Google Domains My webhosting was with Interserver My thinking was that I needed to add the relevant CNAME and TXT resource records to the Google Domains dashboard (as it was the clearest dashboard to work with), and by doing so I was prompted to use the Google domain nameservers.

The Joy of People Management

We can certainly be forgiven for fearing the worst and focusing on the negatives right now - a global pandemic that shows no signs of disappearing, Brexit just around the corner, and strategic reviews all around us at work - but being, or becoming a people manager shouldn’t be one of them. So, with all the change going on right now I’d like to share a few, maybe less obvious reasons why people management has been an overwhelmingly positive experience throughout my career.

Containerising and Deploying with k8s

This started less an article or blog, more a journal of my many failed attempts at containerising and deploying a small app. I was keen to practice with the technologies I use every day, but without the guardrails of a fantastic platform team with all the tools and support they provide. The following describes the (eventual!) successful steps to… Package a Kotlin web application with environment secrets in a Docker image

Reboot Camp

So, the hiatus? A couple of reasons really. A new project at work, and although with an awesome team on a great product, it has meant a few more hours in the office than is ideal. But I also lost the love for my side projects at the same time. I’ll try to explain. I dived into React 16 a little while ago, and super keen to try it out on something more interesting than small tutorial-type challenges, I started another side project.

Parse the Stuffing

My development learning journey (which has just seen its 1st anniversary) began with looking for a way to solve problems. I generally followed a certain method thinking it was the only way, or the best way. It rarely was, of course. But I’m finally, now, looking for a better way to solve problems. The big things that helped me see this were collaboration and community. Spending time with our Developing Developers community really highlights how many different ways there are to do things, and how many different styles of programming people have.